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The all-in-one operating system for accountants: our £2.25M seed investment in Pixie

This post is by Polina Stavrovski from Seedcamp

Accounting and bookkeeping teams are still using outdated software to organise manage clients, deadlines, and workflows. It’s an old yet persistent problem in need of a solution. A solution like Pixie, an all-in-one beautiful practice management software that organises accountants’ days for them. We are thrilled to be backing the Pixie team, alongside our friends at Triple Point Ventures, MMC Ventures and some exciting angels including Duane Jackson and Will Neale, in their £2.25M seed round.

Celso Pinto, Pixie’s founder and CEO, is no stranger to us. It’s the second time we have had the opportunity to partner up with him: the first time around, he built GoSimpleTax, which aims to simplify tax returns. Armed with first-hand learnings from his time at GoSimpleTax, Celso is now building Pixie, which is on a mission to create the operating system for small firms around the world. By centralising and automating processes through the platform’s intuitive workflows, he aims to i) manage the large amount of user workflows more effectively, ii) fast-track the scaling of companies by increased efficiencies, and iii) bolster client satisfaction, as no stones remain unturned.

“Accountants and bookkeepers are the unsung heroes of thriving small business communities everywhere, working hard to ensure their clients remain compliant, organised, and successful,” Celso states. “But through conversations with hundreds of accountants, I noticed how challenging it is to manage their own firms as they struggle to adopt traditional practice management applications due to the software’s complex nature. Our quick (Read more...)

An open-source alternative to Google’s firebase – Our investment in Appwrite’s $10M seed round

This post is by Polina Stavrovski from Seedcamp

At Seedcamp, we are energised by the wave of open source companies that have emerged in the tech ecosystem over the last few years. Appwrite is no exception to this rule. When we first reached out cold to Appwrite’s founder Eldad Fux and he pitched us his grand ambitions, we immediately knew we were meeting a force to be reckoned with. Eldad’s vision for becoming the go-to platform for developer needs resonated with us. Today, we are delighted to see Appwrite announce a $10 million seed round led by Bessemer Venture Partners and Flybridge, with participation from us at Seedcamp and Ibex Investors. Appwrite is a self-hosted solution that provides developers with a set of easy-to-integrate REST APIs to manage their core backend needs, and to accelerate their application development through a flexible plug-and-play solution. 

Appwrite has had significant success so far in growing its community: it is one of the fastest-growing open source projects on GitHub with over 10,000 stars, more than 30,000 developers joining the Appwrite community in just the last four months and more than 250 code contributors around the globe. What we like about Appwrite (apart from Eldad’s smile) is that it is both cross-platform and technology-agnostic, meaning it can run on any operating system, coding language, framework, or platform. You can integrate Appwrite directly with your client app and use it behind your custom backend or alongside your custom backend server. 

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, Eldad began his career by contributing to (Read more...)

Visual Capitalist Explores the Material World

This post is by Louise Stoddart from Visual Capitalist

VC Elements is a brand new channel brought to you by Visual Capitalist which uses data-driven visuals to bridge the gap between the global trends shaping our future and the raw materials powering them.

In particular, we’ll be unearthing the following trends: Markets, Energy, Technology, Urbanization, Electrification.

The channel will look at the untapped potential of the material world, specifically looking at:

We’ll shine a light on the investment opportunities surrounding this space.
Everything we own is either grown or mined. Raw materials are at the core of our day to day lives, but how many of us actually know where these everyday objects come from?
Natural resources are the backbone of the industrial economy, but the current rate of consumption is putting increased pressure on them.
The world will need to invest $240 billion over the next five years to meet growing metals demand alone. We will create educational content, examining the latest sustainable technologies, and the raw materials powering them.

What content can I expect?

Below are some of the pieces recently published on the channel covering topics including markets, technology, energy and urbanization.

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Unearth the megatrends shaping our future and the raw materials powering them. (Read more...)