President’s Day

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Mount Rushmore
Photo by Ronda Darby on Unsplash

My general physician quit UCSF and joined another group. After a few years of working with her, I hoped that at least, she is going to send me an email. Instead I got a letter which started — Om Malik, blah blah. The letter, and its dismissive finality stands in sharp contrast with my memories of Dr. Minocha, my childhood family doctor.

He lived two blocks over from my childhood home, and whose small, but efficient clinic is where I went every time I cut myself, fell off the roof or did something stupid. His was the first call my family made when my grandfather suffered a heart attack. I still think of him fondly. Mind you, it has been nearly four decades since I saw him.

Sadly, the latest episode of my departing doctor was yet another reminder that I live in the 21st century and in a world everything is transactional. Today a Facebook connection defines “friends” and double-tapping “like” is a shorthand for appreciation. It isn’t a surprise that we are becoming more unsocial despite having many more ways to connect and be social.

The fraying social fabric often catches me by surprise — it shouldn’t. But it does make me wonder how will create social bonds in the age of remote work, where most communication is going to be either written or through video. I am not talking about just work, but long term friendships that form with folks at (Read more...)