This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Photos By Om. Somewhere on Northern California Coast, just near Oregon.

The new year has started rolling. And like everyone else, the holiday-enforced slowdown and social media abstinence allowed me a lot of time to reflect on the year that was and what is to come. 2021 was a significant improvement over the year before.

I got vaccinated and got my booster shots. And that allowed me to travel a bit more. I even undertook a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the edge of the planet. I got quite a few opportunities to pursue my photography.

I bought (too) many books, and to my surprise, I read quite many of them. That said, I did go through another phase of ruthless elimination of physical things. However, the best part of 2021 was something I did for self-improvement: I started taking driving lessons and hope to have a driver’s license before spring rolls around.
I am looking forward to driving around California and going out to take more photographs.

However, now that I reflect on the year, I feel one missing thing was the feeling of creative fulfillment. I have been asking myself the question — why did I feel that way? The answer is straightforward — in 2021, I didn’t do one thing that allows me to thread the needle of life with time — writing down my reflections almost daily. I managed to survive the first lockdown in 2020 by actively blogging and getting everything inside my head out into (Read more...)