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  • B I J A N 2023-09-10 08:05:27

    Maggie Rogers · # (demo) # (demo), Maggie Rogers

  • Istanbul

    Back in April, Lauren and I went to Istanbul for a few nights. It’s an easy flight from Prague. It was much too short, especially for our first trip to Türkiye. I am looking forward to spending more time on our next visit. …

  • Six months

    Today is July 4th, our Independence Day. It’s not hard to feel patriotic today. And especially less hard these days in my current role. Lauren and I find ourselves at the six-month mark since we left our Boston home for Prague. Transitioning to the heart of Europe has been a big change, but it’s gradually…

  • B I J A N 2023-03-19 01:34:44

    Wild Rivers · Thinking ‘Bout Love (Acoustic) Thinking ‘Bout Love, Wild Rivers (acoustic)

  • Prague on #35mm

    At last, I have been able to make some film photographs during my evening walks here. (Camera: Contax T3 / Film: Kodak Portra 800 / Lab: Carmencita Film Lab in Barcelona, Spain)

  • First 30 days

    It’s been just over 4 weeks since Lauren, Sam and I arrived in Prague. It’s been an absolute whirlwind and only in the last few days have I started to feel a bit settled in. The Credentialing ceremony took place a few weeks after my arrival — and something I will never forget. At the…

  • B I J A N 2023-01-21 19:00:35

    Maggie Rogers · Horses Horses, Maggie Rogers

  • Spain, 2022

    In November, we spent Thanksgiving week in Spain. We stayed in Barcelona where Ellie was studying for the semester. We had been to Spain before but this was my first trip to Barcelona and we also took the train for a day trip to Montserrat. It is very hard not to fall in love with…

  • Trying out Mastodon

    It is so painful watching Twitter go into a horrible tailspin. I was always against the idea of selling Twitter to Elon Musk but I never imagined it could get this bad, this quickly. He never wanted to buy it, he clearly doesn’t know how to unlock its potential and he’s just flailing. Just this…

  • Different Drum

    Favorite Spanish Dishes by The Lemonheads