Why Georgian is Investing in SurrealDB

This post is by Emily Walsh from Georgian

The proliferation of unstructured data has, in our view, made building modern software applications more exciting, but also more expensive.  Software engineers today know the pain of building applications. While building a piece of software, an engineer may run into any (or all) of the following issues:  All of this results in engineers spending less time building their applications and more time configuring a complex back end. These issues are further compounded by the increasing use of Large Language Models (LLMs) and the significant volume of data required for training and fine-tuning. For these reasons, we’re pleased to announce our investment in SurrealDB, which provides an innovative approach to data storage and management through its multi-model database. SurrealDB has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by FirstMark and Georgian, with participation from Crew Capital and Alumni Ventures. This latest round of funding brings SurrealDB’s total to $26 million. SurrealDB’s database allows software developers to store their data in various formats – such as tables, documents, graphs and vectors – in a single database instead of managing separate databases for each format. Unlike legacy databases, SurrealDB is programmed in Rust (a modern, performant language) and is designed from scratch as a multi-model database. This approach is intended to reduce the cost associated with managing multiple databases, reduce storage and (Read more…)