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Brass Rods: The Safe Choice

From airbags to firefighting equipment, components made from brass rods play a vital role in creating a safer environment. This infographic from the Copper Development Association illustrates three use cases for brass. This is the first of three infographics in our Choose Brass series.

Why Brass?

Brass is one of the most reliable metals for industrial and other applications. It contains little to no iron, protecting it from oxidation, which can cause other materials to fail over time. Additionally, the malleability of brass ensures tight and leak-free metal-to-metal seals for threaded joints, minimizing the risk of costly and dangerous system failures. Brass’s durability ensures critical system components function properly for years.

Brass for Safe Water Systems

Exposure to lead in water can cause various health problems, including neurological damage, developmental delays, and cardiovascular diseases. As a result, the U.S. sets minimum health-effect requirements for chemical contaminants and impurities indirectly transferred to drinking water from products, components, and materials used in water systems. Currently, only brass rod alloys are designated as “acceptable materials” according to national standards. Brass is also essential for ensuring (Read more…)