The Good and Bad of Planning Your Next Trip Using AI Travel Tools

This post is by Rohit Bhargava from Influential Marketing

The promise is appealing. Just put your desired holiday destination into an AI travel planning tool and it can quickly generate a sample itinerary with all the must-visit sights from a certain destination. Yet as one journalist found when doing a test of AI as a trip planning assistant, there are some pretty big tradeoffs you’ll need to be willing to make.

To start, there is the obvious limitation that AI will likely use outdated information to build the itinerary – which means restaurants that have gone out of business or incomplete information about opening and closing times. Also, AI will often omit insights about destinations that may be inaccessible for those with disabilities or those that offer adjusted seasonal experiences.

Not to mention AI-generated itineraries are mostly just built by scraping information from content already created by notable travel sites like Lonely Planet or Fodors anyway … so why not start with those platforms instead? Bottom line: definitely try and do some research on AI tools for an upcoming trip if you want, but the best travel insights at the moment still come from people who have been there and human travel professionals.

NOTE- The featured image was AI generated.