Weekend Leftovers: Good Reads & More

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

While my blog is about technology, I wanted to share some of the articles, videos, and other stuff I enjoyed during this past week — Om.
“What you have is all you need.” Pico Iyer, A Beginner’s Guide to Japan

Imagine turning your Mac Studio and an iPad into a vintage Macintosh. Clever. It is amazing what you can do with new 3D printing software and printers these days. I quite enjoyed this video.
Miranda’s Last Gift is a touching and emotional story of a dad, his daughter, and her dog. David Frum, known for his political editorial salvos, has outdone himself with the story about his daughter Miranda, her health struggles, and her dog Ringo, a unique Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Dogs have a unique way of finding a way into our hearts.
Disquiet’s review of Nils Frahm’s new (surprise) album “Day” says it better than I would. “The album feels like a series of wordless entries in a wordless diary from a stint in tech-addiction rehab,” writes Marc Weidenbaum. “The intimacy is kind of intoxicating in its own way.” If you like piano, ambient, and Nils, this isn’t to be missed.
If you are a fan of Prince, you must check out this story about Steve Parke, the personal photographer of the maverick rockstar. As a photographer, I learned so much about him, Prince, and what it means to have a singular subject for over a decade. The photos in the article are a bonus. [The Maelstrom.]
The sheer amount of betting and gambling involved in modern sports (Read more…)