Smart Words From Smart People

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A few smart things I’ve read recently: “Schopenhauer’s ideal is to be wealthy enough to have expansive free time and the intellectual capabilities to fill it with contemplation and activity in the service of mankind.” – Derren Brown “People in their 30s know where the world is going because they’re going to do it. I’m in my 80s so I have no idea.” – Daniel Kahneman “Every group of people who think for a living is going to be sad. Ignorance is bliss. So what’s the opposite?” – Chris Rock “I would say the most dangerous thing in the world with a 12-year-old is to try to be his friend. But the worst thing with a 40-year-old is to try to be their parent.” – Chris Davis “If you ask yourself why you are in business and can find no answer other than ‘I want to make money,’ you will save money by getting out of business and going to work for someone.” – Harvey Firestone “When asked what was the best asset a man could have, Albert Lasker — the most astute of all advertising men — replied, ‘Humility in the presence of a good idea.’ It is horribly difficult to recognize a good idea.” – David Ogilvy “I became so avid a collector of instances of bad judgment that I paid no attention to boundaries between professional territories … why should I search for some tiny, unimportant, hard-to-find new stupidity in my own field when some large, important, (Read more…)