Generative AI: A new gold rush for software engineering innovation

This post is by Ashish Kakran from Writings from Thomvest Ventures – Medium

Generative AI: a new gold rush for software engineering innovation

A version of this blog appeared in VentureBeat. E=mc² is Einstein’s simple equation that changed the course of humanity by enabling both nuclear power and weapons. The generative AI boom has some similarities. It is not just the iPhone or the browser moment of our times, but it is much more than that. For all the benefits that generative AI promises, voices are getting louder about the unintended societal effects of this technology. Some wonder if creative jobs will be the most in-demand over the next decade as software engineering becomes a commodity. Others worry about job losses which may necessitate reskilling in some cases. It is the first time in the history of humanity that white-collar jobs stand to be automated, potentially rendering expensive degrees and years of experience meaningless. But should governments hit breaks by bringing regulations or should we continue to improve this technology which is going to completely change how we think about work. Let’s explore: The new California gold rush The technological breakthrough that was expected in a decade or two is already here. Probably not even the creators of chatGPT expected their creation to be this wildly successful. The key difference here compared to some technology trends of the last decade is that the use-cases here are real and enterprises have budgets already allocated. This is not a cool technology solution that is looking for a problem. This feels like the beginning of a new (Read more…)