Pelikan Mobility raises €4 million for its EV-native commercial fleet digital twin-enhanced leasing solution

This post is by Anamaria Iuga from Seedcamp

Commercial fleets represent approximately 10% of total European emissions. Playing an essential role in the continent’s green transition, there is a significant drive for sustainability and electrification of commercial fleets. However, the switch to EV-native fleet management and operations is complex, costly, and disruptive. The core of the problem lies in the fact that the commercial fleet ecosystem – from vehicle leasing to fleet operations – treats EVs like low-grade ICEs (internal combustion engine vehicles), not capitalizing upon EV’s benefits, such as their high durability and energy efficiency.  This is why we are excited to back Pelikan Mobility, a UK and France-based deeptech platform on a mission to optimize the financing and operations of sustainable commercial fleets.  Founded by David Salfati (Engie, Macquarie) and Vincent Schachter (CEA, TotalEnergies, smart-charging pioneer eMotorWerks sold to Enel) – who have a combined 30 years of experience in the fields of energy, mobility, algorithm development, and real assets finance – Pelikan aims to introduce the next logical step in shifting commercial mobility to electric vehicle (EV): tech-enabled, operations-centric leasing solutions
Pelikan bridges EV leasing and fleet operations, driving down the cost of electrification by:
  • Empowering operators to efficiently and productively integrate EVs in the specific operational context of their fleet,
  • Extending lease duration and assets longevity, while controlling risks and ensuring fit-for-purpose.
How does Pelikan work?  The company is developing a digital twin-enhanced EV-native leasing solution. It reconstructs – from readily available client data – digital twins that precisely capture each (Read more…)