The Art of the Well Made Introduction

This post is by Collab Fund from Collab Fund

As investors, we often try to tap our personal network, as well as that of our partners and LPs, to support our portfolio companies. In the world of venture capital, networking is a powerful tool that can unlock doors to new opportunities and drive business growth. One of the most critical aspects of networking is the art of making effective introductions. A well-crafted introduction can turn a cold connection into a warm one, leading to valuable partnerships, investments, or collaborations.

Here’s a guide to help you master the art of introduction requests from an investor like me:

Identify key contacts:
  • Begin by pinpointing contacts within my network and identify relevant individuals who can add value to your business
Prepare a targeted list:
  • Compile a concise list of contacts — keep it to around three
  • Include details like their names, titles
  • Send me the list, and I can confirm who I can introduce you to
Craft forwardable emails:
  • I can’t emphasize this enough: Draft personalized, forwardable emails for each contact
  • The emails should clearly articulate your intent, provide context about your business, and maintain your unique voice.
  • Be clear on why this is valuable to the person you’re connecting with
Be authentic and professional:
  • Ensure your emails reflect your personality while maintaining a professional tone. Authenticity wins the day.
Follow up:
  • After an introduction is made, follow up and keep me in the loop.

You’ll end up with two emails: The first asking me for the introductions and a second forwardable (Read more…)