AI is changing writing. Here is what to do about it.

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

I recently redesigned my homepage to provide a clearer context about “me” as a writer and as a person. Not just to simplify things, but also to put more “I” in the new age of “AI” where it will increasingly become challenging to distinguish human from machine. 

The best part of the Internet is that it is always evolving.  It is nothing if not a reflection of we the people, who use, evolve, and shape the network. Just as the network shapes us. This truth about constant change has helped me embrace and evolve with it. And a lot of that is reflected in what I write.  The latest change that is going to shape the network, and how we work on it is the emergence of “AI” — artificial intelligence to some, but “augmented intelligence to me.”  Despite all the existential anxiety over AI, this is a natural progression of how we have worked with technology in general, and software in specific. Increased automation and simplification of tools are just part of making technology (and software) work for way more people. And that means it has to be simpler and faster. And like everything that tries to do that, it has its side effects and downsides.  Just look at blogs — when we started, blogging was not easy. You needed specialized software. Since those days, the “blogs” as we knew them have been atomized. The platforms have taken over, and blogging is everywhere: social media, newsletters, and communities – they do what we all used to do. But ultimately, the ideology of blogging is still the same. Whether you post on Twitter or LinkedIn, you (Read more…)