This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

A few days ago, Vinod Khosla got into a war of words with Marc Andreessen. Or was it Elon? It was an argument over OpenAI and “open” AI. It might have felt like a bunch of capitalist leviathans butting their big heads, but for me, this was classic Vinod.

Always speaking his mind, and batting a 1000 percent for the companies he has backed. Standing his ground, giving his reasons like the rat-a-tat of a Tommy gun, argumentative and not giving an inch. I couldn’t resist diving into the recent spat between Vinod and other tech leaders. It took me back to the late 90s when I interviewed the legendary VC for a Red Herring cover story. Here’s my take on the man. As a reporter for Forbes and Red Herring, I wrote about broadband and everything that powered the network. Not surprisingly, there was no getting away from Vinod. He had so many big bets on so many parts of the network that I was constantly calling him a reporter. It was as if he had a cheat code for the broadband future. When I joined Red Herring, then-editor Jason Pontin (now at DCVC) assigned me to do a cover story about Vinod. And I did. The inside headline of the story was “Vinod’s Time” but the cover rightfully dubbed him “The Number one VC on the planet.” And he, thanks to a string of multi-billion dollar exits and public offerings, was outshining his colleagues at Kleiner Perkins. It (Read more…)