This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

tldr: I have rearranged my internet homestead into three sections — the front of the book (blog posts), the feature well (essays, long analysis & interviews), and the back of the book (my podcast, obsessions, travels, recommendations & photography). If you are interested in digging into the why of this change, read on. I think it is worth your time, but I also understand if you don’t give two hoots about it. 

The best part of the Internet is that it is always evolving. It is nothing, if not a reflection of us the people, who use, evolve and shape the network. Just as the network shapes us. This truth about constant change has helped me embrace and evolve with it. And a lot of that is reflected in what I write, both here and elsewhere. 

My blog is where I think out loud. In my mind, it’s my web homestead. If you show up here often, or if you have been for a while, you know the what and why of my thinking. Whenever I think about my own blog and blogging in general, I can’t help but notice that the art and craft of “internet writing” has been changing.  My blog was a representation of me. That is why in the early days, like many others, I put a lot of effort into how the “blog” looked to my visitors. Most of my readers came to the posts via RSS and never really visited the site, unless of course they wanted to comment and be part of the community.  I am a big believer in having beautiful, elegant tools and environments and their impact on my creativity. Whether it is vintage pens, the right notebook, the proper camera, or (Read more…)