Appropriate Accessibility: Announcing nextNYC Open Office Hours

This post is by Charlie O’Donnell from Blog – This is going to be BIG

Over a decade ago, when I was working for First Round Capital, we opened our doors for “Open Office Hours”—a series of open meetings where any founder could come in and chat with us for 20 minutes each. We met quite a few smart folks. I’m not sure we backed any of the founders—but that wasn’t the point. We made connections, hopefully made a good impression, and potentially helped founders along their journeys with some advice or connections.

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It’s an approach to the community that I’ve tried to emulate—to make myself available to founders wherever I can, but it’s not easy to scale. I couldn’t just randomly take any 1:1 meeting for an hour at a time—so I tried to put myself out there in “appropriately accessible” ways. These were attempts to balance my time with the stage of progress of the founder as well as the level of curation I was sticking in front of myself.

If you wanted to interview me somewhere for an open audience, I’d say yes to just about every opportunity. I didn’t care much whether you curated the room or not, because it was a chance for me to spend an hour or so talking to 50-100 people. Chances are, someone (Read more…)