The Best Performing Japanese Stocks (1-Year Returns)

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Graphic ranking the best performing Japanese stocks in 2024

The Best Performing Japanese Stocks (1-Year Returns)

This was originally posted on our Voronoi app. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and discover incredible data-driven charts from a variety of trusted sources. On Feb. 22, 2024, the Nikkei 225 (Japan’s leading stock index) closed at 39,098.68, setting a new record high for the first time since 1989. A little over a week later, the index surpassed 40,000 for the first time ever. To add context to Japan’s recent stock rally, we’ve ranked the top 10 Japanese stocks by their 1-year percentage gains. This is shown by the black bars in the graphic, while market capitalization (in USD) is shown by the white bubbles. All figures are as of March 5, 2024. The figures we used to create this graphic are listed in the table below.
CompanyStock Symbol1-Yr Performance (%)Market Cap
Sakura Internet Inc37781,515$2.2B
Sumiseki Holdings15141,032$1.3B
Japan Engine Corp60161,022$275M
Micronics Japan6871507$2.1B
Namura Shipbuilding
Genetec Corp4492481$71M
Yamadai Corp7426441$33M
Mitsui E&S Co7003438$1.3B
Towa Corp6315423$1.8B
Forside Co2330381$110M
Nikkei 225 Index44
While all of these stocks have greatly outperformed the Nikkei 225, just three have grown by over 1,000% over the 1-year period ending March 5, 2024.

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