Seabound: Charting a Course to Decarbonize Shipping

This post is by Collab Fund from Collab Fund

We are thrilled to share the news of our most recent investment in Seabound, a groundbreaking company we first encountered during their time at Y Combinator. Our initial investment in the business was made through our Shared Future Fund in 2022, and since then, we’ve been closely monitoring their impressive progress. If you’re not yet familiar with Seabound and their work, we invite you to watch this behind-the-scenes view of their first pilot:

In addition, we’ve included a brief Q&A from our recent conversation with Founder and CEO Alisha Fredriksson, providing valuable insights into their vision, mission, and the unique challenges they’re tackling.

How did you become interested in carbon capture, and why focus on shipping?

Prior to founding Seabound, I helped build another startup called Liquid Wind that makes carbon-neutral fuel for ships out of captured CO2 and green hydrogen. As we looked to scale this clean fuel, it was ironically difficult to find accessible and affordable sources of CO2 for its production. This led to the founding insight for Seabound: could we capture CO2 directly onboard ships, sell that for clean fuel production, and eventually facilitate a circular fuel system? This was such a meaty and compelling question that my cofounder, Roujia, and I quickly quit our jobs to dive right in and explore it. From an impact perspective, there’s a tremendous opportunity in decarbonizing shipping because it currently emits over a billion tons of CO2 annually (even more than aviation) and lacks other viable (Read more…)