This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

At present, these are my most used web/desktop/mobile apps.
  • Readwise: Save, read, comment, remark, and share. I couldn’t ask more for this Pocket and Instapaper replacement. 
  • Lex.Page: is my new Google Docs.* 
  • MacWhisper: I use this to capture all the audio on my conference calls. It transcribes and creates notes for future reference. 
  • Sudowrite: Shhh, this is my creative co-pilot. **
  • Descript: I am working on doing podcasts. This is a good way to get a better handle on the audio, and hopefully get good at this whole “podcast” malarky. 
  • Poe: My AI playground. Really, just a place where I go to do work, but mostly to waste my time with various AI bots. 
  • Feedbin: Not just my RSS reader, but also a place for me to aggregate my newsletters.
  • Arc Internet: The best browser on the market right now. Fast, clever, and none of the Chrome-crud. 
  • Photoshop: Firefly and other AI tools have turned this into a must-use app for me as a photographer. 
  • MacGPT: OpenAI, except on my desktop. 
Honorable Mentions:  Topaz Labs AI & Google Labs’ (AI Search.) Legacy Apps & Services that I still use a lot: Apple Mail, Apple Music (Classical), Plex, VLC, Twitter, Safari, and Apple Notes. Frankly, they all need some AI-Botox ASAP! Quick Thoughts: Apart from #7, all of them have “AI.” Except #10, all of them have a workflow built around “AI.” The same goes for Topaz & Google Labs (AI Search.) Google Labs’ experiments with (Read more…)