The Yolk App Shows the Challenges of Relying on User’s Constant Creativity

This post is by Rohit Bhargava from Influential Marketing

Yolk is a new app that lets people “communicate through items that you see” and some reviews suggest they might be forging a new method of communication in the process. Just signing up requires you to invite a certain number of friends. There’s no way to send a direct message or use any text. And the app is only available on iPhone. Despite these limitations, Yolk is getting accolades for its ability to “lean into the social weirdness of identity building.” It works by allowing users to create a segmented “sticker” around anything they point their phone at. Early users are sharing everything from a reaction to a photo shared by a friend, to using it as a “personal space to show off their fave custom stickers of cherished objects.” The challenge with the app, as it is for others like it, is that you really do need to be willing to be constantly creative. I could be wrong, but my first reaction here is that I think most people on a daily basis just aren’t able or willing to be that consistently creative.