This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

The veritable German heritage brand, known for its cameras and optics, Leica, has announced a brand new flagship mirrorless camera — the Leica SL3. I have had a chance to use a pre-release version of the camera for a day (or so) and have quick early impressions, especially from the perspective of someone who has used various models of Leica SL camera for most of my creative work. In other words, this is a set of tools I know very well.

To set the stage, let me give you a little background about my history with the SL System. Until 2015, I was primarily an iPhone photographer and very briefly used the first version of the Sony RX100 camera. However, my adventures in photography began with the Leica SL (601), which was first introduced in 2015. That camera still is part of my photography kit — and is still going strong. (My Review of Leica SL) It has traveled with me to many different places. I tried to switch to the Leica SL2 for a few months. The Leica SL2 was nearly identical to the original Leica SL, except for a better eyepiece, a bigger sensor (47 megapixels) and the simpler three-button interface that is featured on all Leica cameras. It had USB-C and it was also faster. Most changes were good — except for the loss of in-built GPS. The new sensor was not to my liking. It was noisy, the colors were off, and more importantly, (Read more…)