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Drone Delivery Times: Can Drones Save Lives?

Over 12 million people live in rural Rwanda, where the poor conditions of many roads can mean critical medical supplies take up to 4 hours to reach those who need them most.  So, when every second counts, we ask: can drone delivery save lives? 

Finding the Answer

The Lancet published a study conducted between 2015 and 2019 to discover how fast drones could deliver blood supplies from Centres for Blood Transfusion (CBTs) to 20 local hospitals in Rwanda. They then compared these findings against average road-delivery times in the same locations. What they found could impact medical deliveries throughout the developing world. 

Drone Delivery: Flying in a Solution 

Drone delivery of critical blood supplies to remote communities in Rwanda was 96 minutes faster on average than delivery by road. In some cases, drones could even improve delivery times by an incredible 3 hours.
Transfusion CentreRouteDriving Time (mins)Drone Delivery Time (mins)
Kigali1 – Muhororo24029
2 – Ruhango24031
3 – Ruli18041
4 – Byumba12054
5 – Kabgayi12024
Ruhengeri1 – Butaro18052
2 – Kinikira15058
3 – Kabaya12043
4 – Nemba12041
5 – Shyira12046
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