Seedcamp Turns 17. The Seedcamp Nation and the European Tech Ecosystem, Then and Now (1/3)

This post is by Anamaria Iuga from Seedcamp

Seedcamp has always been about people and the magic that happens when you bring the right people together. 2024 will be our 17th year in the service of Europe’s most exceptional entrepreneurs. We think it’s a perfect time to reflect on how our network, from the Seedcamp Expert Collective to the Talent Network, drives an unfair advantage for Europe’s most impactful software companies.  Many things have changed about technology in Europe since we started out in 2007. European startups now receive over 20% of global funding, up from 8% in 2003, and can stay private for much longer in an ecosystem flush with global capital looking for private opportunities.  At Seedcamp, we are dedicated to keeping the main thing the main thing and doubling down on what we have always done best. As our portfolio enterprise value eclipses $100 billion in enterprise value and our total number of investments reaches 500, we continue to commit to the best founders in Europe and Israel at the earliest stage, drive an unfair advantage through the power of our network and support them to multi-billion dollar outcomes.
The Seedcamp Team at our most recent LP get-together
Seedcamp works as its own microeconomy, also known as the Seedcamp Nation. Our purpose is to build the best platform in the world for founders to connect with the talent, expertise and capital they need to grow their businesses. Over the years we have seen the depth of this network drive hiring –  59 portfolio (Read more…)