When it come to tech what is magic becomes mundane fast

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Hello from somewhere over the Philippine Sea! My watch just nudged me to get up and walk around. My phone tells me that I am connected at roughly 10 Mbps. I am having a WhatsApp conversation with family members while receiving some email updates. The book I was reading on my iPhone is synced with my iPad.
The Apple Tags in my baggage continuously update me on the location of my bags. And when I remove my AirPods Max, the music stops automatically. The concept of spatial sound and beamforming microphones for an enhanced headphone experience wasn’t something I could have imagined when I bought my first Bose headphones. These are the little things we now take for granted, but had you told me about them 20 years ago, it would have seemed like pure magic. I remember those days when you would land and be overwhelmed with incoming messages and emails because you were not connected. I was also on the press junket when we first experienced the Internet in the air! It was not as fast, and not as reliable. What are other examples of technology we take for granted today that would have seemed magical in the past?

New Delhi. February 7, 2024