I Have All the Problems I Want to Have

This post is by David Cummings from David Cummings on Startups

I remember meeting an entrepreneur 15 years ago, having the opportunity to ask questions, and learning about his life. He had sold his business the prior year and was working on his next thing. As the conversation progressed, he made a statement that I’ll never forget: “I have all the problems I want to have.” Initially, this didn’t strike me as anything significant. However, as time passed and life’s journey presented its own twists and turns, the depth of that line became increasingly apparent. After that first significant exit and achieving some level of financial freedom, many perspectives shift. Questions arise, such as: Is work being pursued for its own sake, or to make an impact? How should time be allocated between family and friends? Essentially, why do we do the things we do? Reflecting on the comment, “I have all the problems I want to have,” I’ve grown to appreciate the ability to choose where I spend my time, the people I surround myself with, and the opportunities I decide to pursue. This sentiment was echoed last week when I met a gentleman and inquired why he chose to live in a warmer climate. He replied, “All the problems are the same. It’s just a little easier living down here.” This reinforces the notion that challenges are frequent, and there will always be aspects of life that are less than ideal. However, one of the significant advantages of entrepreneurial success is the ability to be more intentional with our (Read more…)