You notice how we haven’t had an embarrassing UFO story for a while?

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That doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening.
From Jason Colavito:
This week Carlson launched a subscription streaming service for his own far-right content, complete with a logo designed after the “red pill” MAGA enthusiasts use to symbolize right-wing radicalization. To promote the service, Carlson appeared on Redacted, a right-wing podcast hosted by Clayton Morris, a former Fox News anchor. During the discussion, Morris said that he and Carlson used to discuss UFOs when both worked at Fox News.
Carlson told Morris that the UFO story was one of only two that “bothered” him and left him with unanswered questions that ate at his soul. He said that he believes UFOs are non-human craft. He called the story spun by ufology “dark” and suggested that he believes there are unexposed levels of conspiracy and evil beyond the mythology of flying saucers. Carlson said that there is a “spiritual component” to UFOs and implied that he thinks they may be demons.  … Carlson went on to cite “paintings” and ancient texts in revealing that he is an ancient astronaut theorist and implied that the “darkness” had something to do with the suggestion that humanity was created or controlled by what are presumably demons. Carlson previously appeared on Ancient Aliens and has (Read more…)