A return to company core mission & values

This post is by Elad Gil from Elad Blog

This post is not about whether a company (or other organizations) should, or should not have, viewpoints on every political and current event. That is ultimately up to the organization’s governance. However, if you run an organization that is being distracted from its core mission and fatigued on politics at work- now is a good window to let employees know your organization is refocusing on its core mission. Broader politics is no longer part of the day to day at the company, while other performance & cultural values have returned back into focus. You could potentially tie this to a bigger view point on the nature of work at the company or organization, and a re-affirmation of key cultural values. For example, that you are a performance-based culture, focused on your customers as primary stakeholders of your business, etc. Shopify did this extremely well and gracefully back in 2021. Why now? There is a grace period right now between the Israel Oct 7 terror attack and the Biden / Trump election. It is possible 2024 will be a bumpy year, so acting now in relative calm might be the easiest time to make a change. In this window of relatively few, new politically charged events it is a good time to make a statement, that your company will no longer be making statements on every news event. 🙂 What to let people know?
  • Your organization’s focus is on your core mission or business. It may be useful to enumerate your (Read more…)