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As a way to play music, it was better in nearly every way. Spotify then became my favorite way to listen to music. Recently though, I’ve found myself hating Spotify. The app loads slowly. Music no longer plays instantly. The interface is riddled with recommendations, podcasts, audiobooks, and other junk that I don’t care for. I have to restart the app more often. It forgot its core identity — being a music player. Arun Venkatesan
Like Arun, I too was a fan of Spotify. Even before it became a streaming giant, it was just a small green dot that allowed me to share music from my desktop with others who also had the green dot on their desktops. It was kludgy, but very cool. Then it turned into a streaming company — and its fortunes changed. I used it every day, up until 2022, when I couldn’t take it anymore. The simple, easy-to-use streaming app had become hot garbage. It was yet another company that exists not for the delight of its customers, but instead for its stakeholders. “Spotify isn’t alone — a growing number of services are deprecating user experience in favor of their urgent financial growth needs,” I wrote at that time, pointing at Uber, Door Dash, and Apple as examples of companies cramming nonsense down our screens. I switched to Qobuz, but it wasn’t reliable. Now, I am using Apple Music, which offers hi-res streaming and allows me to download (Read more…)