Complex Regulation is Bad Regulation: We Need Simple Enduser Rights

This post is by Continuations by Albert Wenger from Continuations by Albert Wenger

Readers of this blog and/or my book know that I am pro regulation as a way of getting the best out of technological progress. One topic I have covered repeatedly over the years is the need to get past the app store lock-in. The European Digital Markets Act was supposed to accomplish this but Apple gave a middle finger by figuring out a way to comply with the letter of the law while going against its spirit. We have gone down a path for many years now where regulation has become ever more complex. One argument would be that this is simply a reflection of the complexity of the world we live in. “A complex world requires complex laws” sounds reasonable. And yet it is fundamentally mistaken. When faced with increasing complexity we need regulation that firmly ensconces basic principles. And we need to build a system of law that can effectively apply these principles. Otherwise all we are doing is making a complex world more complex. Complexity has of course been in the interest of large corporations which employ armies of lawyers to exploit it (and often help create and maintain complexity through lobbying). Tax codes around the world are a great example of this process. So what are the principles I believe need to become law in order for us to have more “informational freedom”?
  1. A right to API access
  2. A right to install software
  3. A right to third party support and repair
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