Genomic Nutrition Is Coming and It’s Going to Be Popular

This post is by Rohit Bhargava from Influential Marketing

The promise is simple and appealing. Get your genetics tested so that you can optimize the food you eat based on your unique needs. Personalized nutrition is already a billion-dollar industry without much actual personalized science behind it. Imagine what will happen when the genomics start catching up. An early initiative hoping to pave a path toward exactly this is a new partnership between natural and organic grocery store Earth Fare and GenoPalate, a leading genomic nutrition platform.

Together they are hoping to crack the code for genetically personalized nutrition grocery shopping. At CES this year, I saw a handful of products and initiatives in this space also. Many focus on the wearable sector on creating tracking technologies to help us measure our activities on an ongoing basis. The interesting thing about this partnership is that it aims to make all the testing actionable by having an actual grocery component. That’s something we’re likely to see more of as this space evolves.