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The 30 Best Pieces of Advice for Entrepreneurs in 2023 It’s the first week of the new year, and here on The Review we’re ushering it in with a beloved annual ritual (that we find to be much more delightful than other yearly exercises like annual planning or performance reviews). Before powering full steam ahead into 2024, we press pause and leaf through every article we published in the past year, plucking out our favorite snippets of company-building wisdom.  It’s actually been a double dose of reflection for us recently — a few months back, we celebrated The Review’s 10-year anniversary with a special compilation of the 100 best bits of advice ever published in our decade-long history. (If you missed it, we highly recommend diving into this trove of wisdom.) As we assembled that massive guide and revisited the hundreds of articles in our archive, we were reminded of all the ground we’ve covered since The Review’s inception in 2013. Stepping back to apply a decade-long lens, we concluded there’s no one singular topic or theme that makes something “Review-y” — just a focus on finding the sharpest folks who can deliver standout tactics and fresh frameworks that you can use today to change your company and your career.  But when you zoom in on a specific year, themes inevitably start to emerge. In 2020, it was (of course) advice for navigating the tumult of “these unprecedented times.” In 2021, there was an itch to try something new, as job-seekers pursued new opportunities and funding rounds came (Read more…)