On Systems Thinking

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On Systems Thinking “The real problem of humanity is the following: We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and 21st Century godlike technology.” — Edward O. Wilson We live in a world of systems, many of which we remind blissfully under aware of, often to our detriment. This is not to say we are unfamiliar with the existence of many of the systems that surround us.   In fact, you can probably craft a reasoned narrative about how some or all the following systems work:
  1. Automobiles (Tesla, Toyota)
  2. Bodily Functions
  3. Business (Amazon, Apple)
  4. Capitalism
  5. Education
  6. Entertainment (Disney, Netflix)
  7. Finance (Bitcoin, Blockchain, Blackstone)
  8. Manufacturing (Foxconn, Unilever)
  9. Media (FOX, CNN)
  10. Politics (GOP, Democrat)
  11. Science (Pharma, Physics, Biology, Math, Climate Change)
  12. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok)
  13. Sports: Think Football Schemes, Basketball Systems (Triangle)
  14. Technology (AI, Nvidia, Robotics)
The winning systems that drive the above domains are supernovas in terms of their breadth, depth, durability, and defensibility. The companies and institutions that have emerged from these systems could fill a national park full of Mount Rushmores, so potent are the systems they've built. At their best, these systems generate massive, transformative growth, are all-expanding, always evolving, improving, and deeply profitable. But systems can also reach points where they become malignant and destructive, posing terrific danger to our psyche, safety, and the stability of our society. This can lead to increases in structural fragility and yield more crisis “events” (e.g., data breaches, mass shootings, extreme weather, political & social discord). One horrible truth we have learned from the rise, (Read more…)