This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

I had promised myself that I would go out with my camera and look for images that resonated with me. I wanted to capture the abstraction of San Francisco, especially in areas that are so familiar to me.

I used a vintage lens (with an adapter) on a Leica TL camera. It may be considered aging by today’s standards, but I truly love its sensor and the desaturated files it produces. Then, I applied a tilt-shift blur effect using Nik Software and Adobe Photoshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and I might continue using this technique in the future. As I dive into the rhythm of my 365 (+1) project, I realize how challenging it can be to sustain “photography” or any creative practice for that matter. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t strike, yet you still have to create. I approach creative work like a feast or a family gathering, and this project is truly pushing my limits. If you have any desire to buy one of these prints, you can order them from the 366 Project page. Up until, next week, then. 

January 21, 2024. San Francisco