What Really Happens When ChatGPT Writes Your Sales Copy …

This post is by Rohit Bhargava from Influential Marketing

Introducing Glüxkind Rosa: The Future of Parenting. Rosa is not just a stroller; it’s a revolutionary AI-powered companion designed to make parenting effortless and enjoyable. Rosa is essentially a “Fractional Nanny.” Its lightweight design, premium materials, and affordability make it an essential tool for enhancing family adventures. Experience the next generation of parenting with Glüxkind Rosa.

When you find a piece of hyperbolic nonsense this lazy, it’s hard not to share it. Yes, this is the obviously GPT-generated language a new stroller is using to promote itself as nothing less than the future of parenting! What does it actually do? Here’s the irony: some of the features might actually be useful – like the automatic rock-my-baby mode with white noise machine. Unfortunately, you’ll probably never make it that far because of the unnecessarily egotistical lazy writing used across the products materials.

Of course there’s a perfect marketing lesson in this. Sometimes if you just shut up and let your product features speak for themselves, people might decide it’s the future of parenting … or they might just think it’s a pretty cute (but obscenely expensive at $2500) baby stroller. Not every product has to change the world or revolutionize our lives.