This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Sometimes, Summer is not summer. At least in San Francisco, when the fog rolls in, winds kick off, and you feel as if you are in the middle of the winter. And it feels a tad worse when you are near the city’s top, the iconic Sutro Tower. The tower — about 977 feet in length — is located in the Twin Peaks area. It stands on Mount Sutro. 

And that’s where I ended up this past weekend. Braving high winds and chilly temperatures, I was excited to watch a laser light show by Ben Davis and his arts non-profit, Illuminate. The installation is called “loveAbove,” and was created to celebrate the 50th birthday of Sutro Tower. Hundreds of others, including families, watched the laser display that felt uniquely San Francisco. 

Davis’ group had used 12 laser space cannons to send light beams down Market Street during Pride. They repurposed the same lasers at Sutro Tower, continuing Illuminate’s “Summer of Awe” Series. They plan to light up the Coit Tower next, though there is a lot of political drama around that installation. 

Chris Michael and I got to the Sutro Tower base to photograph the spectacle. I have never been this close to the Tower that has been part of the San Francisco Skyline as much as the Pyramid. As a communications nerd, I was delighted to see all those antennas — small, medium, and gigantic. The sheer scale of the tower, simply vanishing into the foggy night, was breathtaking. 

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