Ethics in the portfolio/VC relationship + a step by step guide for iterating your MVP

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Here’s what’s covered on this week’s pod:

  • A step by step guide on how to iterate your MVP
  • Phuong and Mark discuss the importance of testing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to iterate and achieve product-market fit. She outlines a step-by-step process for testing MVPs, starting with defining test objectives and creating metrics to track performance. Fong emphasizes the significance of creating user personas and recruiting testers that represent different user types. By gathering feedback from testers, entrepreneurs can optimize their products to better serve each user group. Fong suggests providing clear instructions to testers and analyzing usage data to understand user behavior and identify areas for improvement. The iterative process of updating and refining the product based on feedback and data is also highlighted.
  • Dos and don’ts for portfolio/vc relationship ethics
  • Mike and Mark delve into the ethics of the portfolio venture capital (VC) relationship. They acknowledge that transparency and ethics should be the guiding principles but highlight instances where founders may skew data or misrepresent numbers. Mike suggests that founders should be open, transparent, and willing to ask for help when needed. He emphasizes the significance of maintaining trust and a healthy relationship with investors by being transparent about challenges and seeking support.


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Today’s podcast episode features a new format with different segments. Mark Peter Davis, the managing partner of Interplay, introduces the changes and outlines (Read more…)