Thematic Investing: How to Invest in the Next Big Idea

This post is by Dorothy Neufeld from Visual Capitalist

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Thematic Investing: How to Invest in the Next Big Idea

Thematic Investing: How to Invest in the Next Big Idea

From clean tech to artificial intelligence, thematic investing provides exposure to disruptive innovations that underlie the next frontier of investing.

In this infographic sponsored by Opto from CMC Markets, we identify the trends and investment themes that could reshape society and unlock future growth opportunities.

Long-Term Structural Growth Trends

Which four trends could define our future?

  1. Climate Change: Extreme weather disruptions, investment in green solutions.
    • Climate-related risks and their implications are gaining serious attention from governments, businesses, and investors. Consider how global government green spending has risen by nearly 40% since 2008, rising to $714 billion in 2022.
  2. Disruptive Technology: Exponential speed of technological advancement.
    • More technological progress is forecast to occur over the next ten years than the last 100 years combined. In fact, the computational capacity of the fastest supercomputers has skyrocketed from 17.6 quadrillion floating-point operations per second in 2012 to 1,100 quadrillion in 2022.
    • Floating point operations are a form of measuring the performance of supercomputers, some of which are one million times faster than a laptop.
  3. Demographic and Social Change: Aging populations.
    • From China to Europe to the U.S., a great demographic transition is underway. The global elderly population, defined as those 65 years and older, is anticipated to double from 761 (Read more...)