How & when to build your startup’s sales team, a discussion about the open governance…

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How & when to build your startup’s sales team, a discussion about the open governance opportunities that come with crypto, and a deep dive into the modern tech-enabled restaurant industry with Vivian Wang of Landed

This week’s episode has a special guest, Vivian Wang — Founder and CEO of Landed. Landed is the first end-to-end recruiting platform helping restaurants and hospitality employers hire top-notch candidates fast. During the interview Vivian and I chat all about how Landed is making it easier for restaurants to hire folks (which is especially helpful due to the incredibly high churn rates), how tech is and will affect the restaurant industry and strategies for navigating Y Combinator (which Vivian is a graduate of).

In addition to the guest interview with Vivian, we have two partner meeting segments. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Startup Tip of the Week: how/when to build your startup’s sales team.
  • Blockchain: Brett shares news about a recent crypto airdrop from Arbitrum (an Ethereum Layer 2) and we discuss how crypto enables an amazing ability for open governance.



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