What Does the Near Future of Artificial Intelligence Look Like and What Should I Build?

This post is by dunkhippo33 from Elizabeth Yin

If you haven’t already read Packy McCormick’s blog post this morning on Attention is All You Need, I highly recommend it.

He always writes with incredible insight, but today’s post is especially important as we think about technology in the next several years and decades to come. Of course, you guessed it – his post is about OpenAI. I want to build on that post and suggest some thoughts on where the best places to build are in light of where OpenAI is positioning itself in the market.

Some context

A few months ago, we saw the launch and rise of ChatGPT, a personal assistant that allows users to ask questions and make requests. ChatGPT is the first product ever to reach 100m users in just a couple of months, an incredible feat that surprised just about everyone. Then, last week, we saw the launch of ChatGPT plugins. With the launch of plugins, users will be able to extend ChatGPT’s capabilities to be able to take actions available across other websites within the ChatGPT interface. 

For example, in the future, within ChatGPT, I ought to be able to ask ChatGPT to: 

  • Text all my Facebook friends a fun made-up song on their respective birthdays
  • Search Kayak for the cheapest premium economy flights to London from San Francisco that serves Haagen Dazs ice cream mid-flight
  • Write a script for me that will re-organize my email inbox, prioritizing my founders first

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