Writing Shouldn’t Be Hard

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

Brad Stone, editor of technology for Bloomberg Businessweek, in his column about AI-based writing tools that make it easy to write, ends his column with this paragraph. I should agree with him as a writer, but I don’t.

Personally, I take objection to the idea that writing should ever be “easy” or “painless.” Writing is and should be hard – a lonely walk in the dark with the facts, your ideas and your facility with language. The robots will need to get a lot more neurotic if they ever hope to become true writers.

Why? Because, as far as I am concerned, not all writing is created equal. Unlike in the past, writing isn’t something just “writers” do. Artistic or creative writing is a different beast from what we do when writing emails, marketing copy, press releases, or copy for social media. 

Even though Stone lumps many tools together, not all of them are the same. Lex, for example, is a better version of Google Docs and can be a great help when drafting out documents, though I would be loathe to use its verbatim to publish something publicly. Sudowrite* is about helping you give options around “creative intent.” Jasper is for copywriters. In other words, workflows define the tools and shape the “AI” for its purpose. Grammarly is none of the above — it is a grammar checker, and it isn’t very intelligent — just good at helping corporate documents be good, grammatically correct, and presentable. 

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