A Return to Teaching: The Spring 2023 Edition

    If, as you read this post, it feels like you have read it or a close variant before, it is because you have. Each year, ahead of teaching my classes at NYU's Stern School of Business in the spring, I invite readers to accompany me on my journey, and this year is no different. Starting in late January 2023, I will be back in the classroom, teaching valuation and corporate finance to the MBAs and valuation to the undergraduates, and these classes will continue through May 2023. If you are curious about the content of these classes, and may want to partake, I will use this post to lay out my teaching philosophy, to describe the classes that I teach and provide options that you may be able to use to take them.

Teaching Philosophy

    I have heard the old saying that "those who can do, and those who cannot teach", and I won't get defensive in response, because  it may be true. I would like to believe that I am capable of both doing and teaching valuation and corporate finance, but I will leave that judgment for you to make, since my valuations and corporate finance assessments are in the public domain (on my blog and in my lecture notes). If your query is why I would continue to teach rather than seek out more lucrative careers in investing or banking, my answer is a simple one. I love teaching and if you follow my classes, I hope it (Read more...)