Day: December 6, 2022

Reid Hoffman | Bear Market Blitzscaling

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During economic downturns, is it possible (or even wise) for startup entrepreneurs to deploy growth tactics? Will companies be able to secure funding? Should founders even consider starting a business during a bear market? "100%," says Greylock general partner Reid Hoffman. However, the specific ways startups approach high-growth strategies during high-risk economic environments is crucial, and it all depends on the leverage points they have over their competition. Hoffman and his Blitzscaling co-author Chris Yeh discuss how entrepreneurs can assess their position in the market and take action to get them to the next phase of super-charged growth. You can read a transcript from this interview here:

Five Links for December

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Every month I try to share the most mind-expanding links to read/watch/listen. If you find these interesting, please do share with your friends. Here are five links worth reading… How Elites Abandoned the Masses by Erik Torenberg On elite lifestyles vs the normalization of divorce, bad health and unemployment, and how elite hypocrisy is encouraging […]

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(Previous) Tuesday Tweets

Last time we had such an embarrassment of embarrassments just in the Musk section, that we didn't have space for anything else. Here's what landed on the cutting room floor.

Notes on the new economy.

A few months ago we talked about the bezzle as economic stimulus (and its collapse as the opposite). Here's a footnote.

Only invest in the heavily hyped approach may have a subtle flaw.

On a related note, remember all the great innovations (self-driving cars, hyperloops) where boosters argued the technological challenges were solved. The only things standing in the way were regulators.

Death and ...

I saw this a few days ago in LA and it reminded me of the conversation we've been having for at (Read more...)