DinMo aims to build a new, privacy-compliant standard for the Customer Data Platform industry, with €1.6M in initial funding

This post is by Anamaria Iuga from Seedcamp

As stricter privacy laws come into effect, companies of all sizes are actively looking for ways to adopt their first-party data strategies. With the end of third-party cookies, marketing teams are the most impacted and need new, privacy-compliant data solutions to optimize their campaigns across all activation platforms. Legacy customer data platform solutions (CDP) such as Adobe, mParticle, or Salesforce present many limitations to wide adoption, especially for companies with small marketing budgets. These limitations include expensive subscriptions, complex technical implementation, and the fact that they store customers’ data in their backend. 

This is why we are excited to back, DinMo, a Paris-based SaaS platform for non-technical teams that can help businesses access and use customer data without code. Founded and led by Oussama Ghanmi, ex-Chief Data Officer at the French Next-40 Edech company Ornikar and a seasoned data consultant – DinMo is on a mission to create a new standard for the Customer Data Platform industry by leveraging companies’ existing cloud data warehouses. 

While working as Data Director, Ghanmi identified a new way to solve the rapidly growing need for marketing teams to have an easy-to-use solution to access and use their customer data across all their activation platforms. 

“I worked for a global apparel brand on building a data platform on Snowflake. At the end of the project, someone from the marketing team asked me to add a table on a dashboard so he could extract the data in a CSV file, then build some (Read more…)