A List of Non-Crazy Conservative Journalists and Commentators

This post is by Caterina Fake from Caterina.net

It seems like a good time to post this list of non-crazy conservative journalists and commentators to follow online, given to me by my friend Jason Hirschhorn. I haven’t fully vetted these, and I welcome any comments on where these writers lie on the nuts/not nuts continuum, their general merits and/or shortcomings, whether or not they are actually conservative, which ones you read, and who is missing from this list. Many of these writers write for many publications, so if you find someone’s work interesting there’s likely more out there on different sites.

Yes, that is an Elephant Nutcracker.

The List:

George Will writes for the Washington Post

Nick Gillespie writes for Reason

SE Cupp appears on CNN

Matt Lewis writes for The Daily Beast

David Frum writers for the Atlantic

Ross Douthat writes for the NY Times.

Michael Gerson wrote for the Washington Post, but died just this week.

Peggy Noonan writes for the Wall Street Journal

Yural Levin writes for the National Review