Snorkel AI | Jumpstarting Data-Centric AI

This post is by Greylock Partners from Greymatter

Greylock general partner Saam Motamedi talks with Snorkel AI CEO and co-founder Alex Ratner. As more enterprise organizations have recognized the utility of artificial intelligence technology, there's been a major push to invest in and adopt new AI and ML infrastructure to drive insights and make predictions for businesses. However, many of these solutions lack the mechanism to unlock and operationalize the data needed to train and deploy models for high quality AI projects. That pain point spawned the creation of Snorkel AI, which has developed an end-to-end data-centric machine learning platform for the enterprise.Putting the capabilities to build impactful AI in the hands of more people has been Snorkel's goal since its inception. The company spun out of Stanford's AI Lab in 2019 and has been partnered with Greylock since 2020, and just released a new set of tools that enables enterprise organizations to put foundation models to use. You can read a transcript of this conversation here: