Sir…About Those Bonds…And Twitter Chaos?

Tensions are high. Someone threw a beer can at Ted Cruz yesterday.

Twitter tensions are very high as well. It is very stressful being a Twitter user because you get drawn into the drama from every angle.

I follow investors and venture capitalists so it is impossible to ignore the Twitter saga.

My friend Ted tells me the two people covering it best are Casey Newton and engineer Gergely Orosz.


I have become somewhat of a Bond Boy as you know. Last week I was buying one year T-bills at 4.8 percent and now I have been getting quotes on some corporate bonds. It is all rather sad.

I am trying to get my head clear (higher cash, short term interest bearing assets) and get a handle on what the markets will look like a few years out if rates stay elevated.

Yesterday, this chart got in my head:

I have no idea what happens this time, but I have no interest in learning the ins and outs of the oil sector in my late 50’s.

Of course all this goes back to why as I get older I am indexing more and more of my stock market allocations.

The biggest market news of the year is of course the FED raising rates like gangsters.

Back in January 2020, when rates had not quite gone negative yet around the world and COVID had not shut us down, investor Sam Altman posed this question about interest rates…

What we missed and are about to see is a massive amount of screaming, panic and likely lawsuits filed against your friendly advisors at Schwab and Fidelity for all the 60/40 portfolios and chasing of yield that has investors bludgeoned this year.

I have friends that work at Schwab and I am told the complaints and screaming and crying is off the charts.

There is much pain in this trade.