Day: November 4, 2022

Visualizing the Evolution of Vision and the Eye

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Infographic illustrating the development of the eye

Roadmapping the Evolution of the Eye

Throughout history, numerous creatures have evolved increasingly complex eyes in response to different selective pressures.

Not all organisms, however, experience the same pressures. It’s why some creatures today still have eyes that are quite simple, or why some have no eyes at all. These organisms exemplify eyes that are “frozen” in time. They provide snapshots of the past, or “checkpoints” of how the eye has transformed throughout its evolutionary journey.

Scientists study the genes, anatomy, and vision of these creatures to figure out a roadmap of how the eye came to be. And so, we put together an evolutionary graphic timeline of the eye’s different stages using several candidate species.

Let’s take a look at how the eye has formed throughout time.

Where Vision Comes From

The retina is a layer of nerve tissue, often at the back of the eye, that is sensitive to light.

When light hits it, specialized cells called photoreceptors transform light energy into electrical signals and send them to the brain. Then the brain processes these electrical signals into images, creating vision.

The earliest form of vision arose in unicellular organisms. Containing simple nerve cells that can only distinguish light from dark, they are the most common eye in existence today.

The ability to detect shapes, direction, and color comes from all of the add-ons evolution introduces to these cells.

Two Major Types of Eyes

Two major eye types (Read more...)

META Lesson 1: Corporate Governance

As we get deeper into earnings season for the third quarter of 2022, the biggest negative surprises are coming from technology companies, with the tech giants leading the way. Investors, used to a decade of better-than-expected earnings and rising stock prices at these companies, have been blindsided by unexpected bad news in earnings reports, and have knocked down the market capitalization of these companies by hundreds of billions of dollars in the last few weeks. Facebook (or Meta, if you prefer its new name), in particular, has been in the eye of the storm, down more than 75% from the trillion-dollar market capitalization that it enjoyed just over a year ago. In its last earnings report, the company managed to disappoint almost every segment of the market, shocking growth investors with a drop in quarterly revenues, and value investors with a sharp decline in earnings and cash flows. In the days after the report, the reaction has predictably fallen into the extremes, with one group arguing that this is the beginning of the end for the company's business and the other suggesting that this is the time to buy the stock, as it prepares for a new growth spurt. 

Having valued and invested in Facebook multiple times in the last decade, I will throw my two cents in, but rather than make the earnings report the center of attention, I will use the company's recent travails to talk about three issues that I think are big issues not only at (Read more...)

The Shrinking Trillion Dollar Market Cap Club

This post is by Nick Routley from Visual Capitalist

Infographic showing the shrinking trillion dollar market cap club

The Shrinking Trillion Dollar Club

Aggressive tightening from the Federal Reserve has caused tech stocks to plummet back to Earth in 2022, and this has shaken up the membership of the trillion dollar market cap club.

Here are the four current members of this exclusive club:

CompanySectorDate Market Cap Hit $1TMarket Cap (Nov 3, 2022)
Apple (AAPL)TechAug 2, 2018$2.21 trillion
Aramco (2222)EnergyDec 11, 2019$2.01 trillion
Microsoft (MSFT)TechApr 25, 2019$1.60 trillion
Alphabet (GOOGL)TechJan 16, 2020$1.08 trillion

Apple, Microsoft, and Aramco are all still well above the $1 trillion mark for now, but Alphabet’s trajectory could take it out of this list if circumstances don’t change soon. Google has indicated that the decrease in crypto advertising has had a big impact on revenue, and ad budgets continue to be slashed as economic uncertainty continues.

Here are the three former members who have seen their market cap dip back below $1 trillion:

CompanySectorDate Market Cap Hit $1TMarket Cap (Nov 3, 2022)
Amazon (AMZN)Tech/RetailSep 4, 2018$911 billion
Tesla (TSLA)AutomotiveOct 25, 2021$675 billion
Meta (META)TechJun 28, 2021$236 billion

Amazon recently became the latest company to fall below the 10-digit threshold. In response to a poorly received earnings report and forecasts for lighter spending this upcoming holiday season, the ecommerce giant has paused corporate hiring for the foreseeable future.

Though Tesla’s valuation has dipped in recent months, Elon (Read more...)

Five Links for November

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Every month I try to share the most mind-expanding links to read/watch/listen. If you find these interesting, please do share with your friends. Here are five links worth reading… Every month I try to share the most mind-expanding links to read/watch/listen. If you find these interesting, please do share. Here are five links worth reading… […]

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Your Attention PleaseLove, the Founde.And Cathie Wood Hates All Of Us Wood Hates All Of Us

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

The Fed has raised another 75 basis points.

‘You should not fight the fed’ is really all I can say and do so I keep backtracking on stocks and buying one year t-bills now 4.8 percent.

This morning the market is rallying even though the jobs number is still great. The FED is raising rates to slow down the economy so the rising jobs number is really not what the bulls need.

Very little makes sense to me right now so I will share this chart of the S&P which is troubling. I stretched out the rolling moving averages to show just how rare this type of sell-off is and how technically dangerous a position the markets seem to be in.

What I read here is stocks need to stage a very strong rally right about now for these long term moving averages to turn quickly. The last two times these long term moving averages crossed over, a lot of price pain took place.

On a wierder note…Cathie Wood has teamed up with the Titan app (backed by all kinds of big VC money including A16z) to launch her VC Fund to retail investors with 4 percent annual fees. The same Cathie who was a media darling and now down 75 percent in her flagship fund.

I got the ‘pitch’ which I tweeted about as distasteful and a sign that we can’t bottom in tech stocks with this kind of product being sold to the public. Here is the cold (Read more...)