Thursday Meta-Tweets — "one of the funniest things that’s ever happened."

Jon Schwarz has an excellent (and highly amusing) overview of this dog-catches-the-car moment.

Matt Levine observed that his Musk/Twitter posts were fun to write because it was a great story with big arcs and plot twists. Elon has gone from wanting so badly to buy Twitter that he was offering way over its market value to desperately wanting not to buy Twitter to pretending he wasn't forced into buying  Twitter. 

The comic effect was greatly enhanced by Musk constantly insisting that every (contradictory) move was motivated by his brilliance and benevolence. (Remember this is a man who actually says things like "At this point I think I know more about manufacturing than anyone currently alive on Earth" and "Some hate humanity, but I love humanity so much.")

So far accountability doesn't seem to be kicking in.