[Seedcamp Firsts] How to first kickstart your content strategy and its power as a key differentiator

This post is by Anamaria Iuga from Seedcamp

Interview with Raphael Allstadt, Co-founder and CEO of tl;dv and Tom Bangay, Senior Director of Content & Community at Juro, hosted by Natasha Lytton, Head of Brand and Network at Seedcamp

Learn all things content from the masterminds behind Juro and tl;dvs content strategies – from why content was first determined to be an essential part of the business and shaping the early strategy to execution measurement and key learnings for early-stage founders. 

For Juro and tl;dv, content has been an integral part of their strategies from the early days. Here is why and how they set the ground for successful content strategies:

Targeting in-house lawyers, for whom the trust bar is very high, Juro, an all-in-one contract automation platform, started building its content function early on to showcase its expertise. At a time when the legal technology sector was overexposed to hype, Juro chose to be careful, honest, and transparent with its messaging.

tl;dv, a meeting productivity tool for remote-first teams, embraced a challenger brand mentality for their content strategy. The team knew that they were not solving a groundbreaking previously-unheard problem. Many of their future users were already struggling with too many meetings in a given week and searching for transcription and recording solutions. tl;dv knew it had to stand out from the swarm of other competitors tackling this well-trodden problem. They used content as a way to differentiate themselves in the broader landscape.

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