raises €2.2m to fuel community-led growth for open-source companies

This post is by Anamaria Iuga from Seedcamp

The incredible rise and success of developer-first companies like Stripe have proven the power of community led-growth. However, while crucial, community building continues to be complex, manual and time-consuming work. In particular, the developer community tech stack is fragmented, with organizations stuck managing endless platforms (including Github, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) and working with incomplete data. Moreover, traditional sales and marketing don’t work for companies targeting developers. They often rely on thriving developer communities to adopt their products and grow.

In parallel, developers have increased decision and buying power when it comes to the technologies their companies use. For obvious reasons, they prefer rich and authentic exchanges within like-minded peer groups to inform their usage and purchase decisions. 

We are excited to back, an open-source community-led growth platform improving how developer-first businesses harness online communities. Founded in 2021 by Jonathan Reimer (CEO) and Joan Reyero (CTO), the Berlin-based company offers a suite of tools to analyze, grow, and leverage online communities to drive business results. 

The team believes that the way to developers’ hearts and minds (and ultimately their companies’ budgets) is through authentic community interactions. In other words, developer-first businesses need communities as a growth channel. Jonathan, who previously built communities in the open-source space, experienced firsthand the difficulties involved, with no existing tools that supported the integrations and features he needed.

Created with the belief that the future of business relies on thriving communities – particularly in the fast-growing open-source space, is (Read more...)